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Automatic Non-woven Fabrics Film Blowing Machine Set
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This production line is filament polypropylene fiber spunbonded non-woven fabric equipment.Its raw material is polypropylene(pp),take the principle of spinning man-made fibres,duringpolymer filature,continuous filament is extended into fiber,during which is finished by mechanical hot pressing.The machine assembly we adopt is now advanced veneer integer slot air flow draw technology,the whole process from material feeding to cloth output is automatic controlshort production flow,high working efficiency.The non-woven fabric we produce has high strength,good softness,innocuity,acterium-proof,corrosion resistance,high-levek draw strength ans elongation rate.They are widely used for dress, decoration materials,medical sanitation materials,daily life products and in the industrial,agricultural fields.In addition, this production line can produce non-woven fabrics of different color,differen grams,different lines according to ueses’demand.
Width:1.6m,2.4m,3.2m,lines on non-woven fabric:dots,cross lines,straigh lines.

Main Technical Variables:





 Diameter of   screw







 3000 width(mm)




 Weight range(g/ )


 Fiber number


 Total power




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